Change Again

Reinvent….a often used “buzz” word in business transformation. How many times do managers say that they have to reinvent the business?

Yet….reinventing is necessary in today’s economies. Apple reinvented itself from the Apple 2….Macintosh….to the iMac….and i-Products. Polaroid and Kodak  had to change directions.

The last post on 50 years in business (what if)….was a story of our business that would have had to change if we were to have been a strong business over a 50 year period. The competition changed….the market had to be expanded….so in many ways we would to have reinvented ourselves.

In the case of the family business….the core values (people….customers….products) would provide the foundation for a continuous process to get better.

Whether it’s change….reinvention….transformation –

The fundamental strategy is to get better….be exceptional.


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