U of M Ross School of Business

Creating new businesses is the most effective way of growing an economy. The University of Michigan’s Business School is pretty good at that. They were recognized as a top business school in entrepreneurship by Entrepreneur magazine.


During my days at that U of M that was not the case….most carreers were centered around Fortune 100 companies….Ford, GM, Chrysler were of course the major companies in Michigan.

While my original path was to follow that large company model….Ingersoll-Rand….I eventually went into an entrepreneurial family business. Perhaps way ahead of times.



A recent article in the Muskegon Chronicle reported the passing of a Muskegon industrialist….Gerorge Cannon. Muskegon was and to some extent is a manufacturing town. In the 50’s….60’s….70’s….manufacturing was centered around old-line manufacturing….like Campbell, Wyant, Cannon….a cast-iron foundry. Eventually many of the plants….closed or were merged with other companies.

The Cannon name however still remains….Cannon-Muskegon. Cannon-Muskegon is still in the foundry business….now it is high-tech….high-value metals….like those used in turbine blades.

The success in manufacturing or any business/organization is the ability to change/adapt to a changing environment. It’s not complicated….yet not every organization has the ability to do it.