My first real job was at The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA in 1962. I was in the missile division….a first start in aerospace.

I left Boeing….went into the Air Force….eventually assigned to a ballistic missile program  in southern California….the center of the aerospace industry.

Work/career went in a different direction. Fortunately, an opportunity to get back into aviation by learning to fly in the early 80’s (in MI). My first aircraft  was N8432C….the Piper Cherokee in the photo.

Aviation is a vital part of the economy….airlines….business avaition….private aircraft. Many companies use business aircraft to successfully run their businesses. For the most part, while some top-end a/c are ultra luxurious, the day in day out a/c are nice and functional.

N842C remains my connection to the aviation world and surprisingly is hangered only an hour away from Cary.