“I was pleased that I got what I paid for, that the food was properly cooked, that they honored their contract, that the roller coaster worked, that there was no trash on the ground and that the staff looked me in the eye. But what really blew me away was _____”

By definition, whatever goes in the blank is an extra, more than you had to do. But what you must do to be considered remarkable. (Remarkable is what we call something we remark on).

Seth Godin is only one of 3 blogs on the TrueNorth blogroll. Remarkable is Seth’s consistent theme. Remarkable like a lot of other business theories can be overused.

Yet, being remarkable is what differentiates great companies from mediocre businesses. Long before ideas such as this became popular….our family business did try to be remarkable. Like anything else we had to work at it….and believe that these concepts were what would make our business better than the competition.