Times Change

End of an era

Even well-managed companies have a life cycle. Two recent announcements from Muskegon made change perfectly clear.

A little background: Muskegon Heights is a city adjacent to Muskegon….in the 30’s….40’s….50’s it was a factory town with all of the plants scattered up and down Broadway. Times changed….the factories either moved or closed. Muskegon Heights is not the same in 2011.

The Muskegon Chronicle has been the local paper for more than a 100 years. I delivered the Chronicle as a paperboy (a substitute, routes were hard to get) in the Heights. Last week, The Chronicle made the announcement ….it was only going to be delivered three times a week, most of the writing to take place in Grand Rapids….the classic 30’s building to be sold. All print newspapers have to change in the new multi-media Internet world.

The other announcement….Potter’s Lamps is closing after 65 years.  A family business with no one to take over. And perhaps a business like Potter’s is no longer viable at least in Muskegon Heights, MI.

Both The Chroincle and Potter’s Lamps were part of a different era….some businesses/organizations are at the far end of their life cycle….others can adapt and change.




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