It’s the customer!

Banks: Good and not so good

A study by cg42, a Connecticut-based boutique management consultancy, shows many people are turning to credit unions. And because of it, the top 10 banks may lose $185 billion during the next year.

Of the 10 banks included in the study, Bank of America has the highest vulnerability of losing more than 10% of its customers in the next 12 months. PNC Bank has the lowest vulnerability.”

A followup to the 11.08.2011 post. In particular Bank of America. One has to wonder how they make decisions to do the things they do. Clark Howard has for years referred to the large banks as “giant mega banks” with little regard for the customer. He has consistently recommended a community bank or credit union.

As in the 11.08.2011 post….BofA had its origins in NCNB (North Carolina National Bank). PNC is a conservative bank from Pittsburg that has a strong presence in Michigan and will in North Carolina when it completes its purchase of RBC.

When a business/organization does not value its customers….it loses!


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