Getting Things Done ll


At some point….business has to “ship”….deliver its product to customers. Shipping is the execution of all the strategies that organizations have in place. “Ship” means getting the product out the door. Our business philosophy was to deliver immediately….once the customer made his/her decision….schedule the delivery….even if it was snowing all day. Nothing stopped our trucks.

The same holds true for UPS. December 22 is the busiest day of the year. As described by Mike Neiss –

The entire UPS system is focused on no fail execution to deliver every package on the 22nd. “The mission was clear and success was easily measured. Every package would be delivered safely and on its promised date. Period. No wiggle room.”

From first hand experience….UPS made a high delivery last Saturday morning at 8:00 am….a rather early time….yet this package was scheduled for immediate delivery.

There is great satisfaction in getting the job done….that’s the challenge of business.

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