Time is Money

Or is it?

Undercover Boss(UB) – The Dwyer Group, Waco, TX. Dwyer owns several service franchise businesses. The UC boss was Dina Dwyer-Owens, the daughter of the founder. I have never heard of any of the franchises….a quick search revealed some in the Raleigh area and some in other parts of the country (with less than favorable reviews).  As with other UB episodes….many unanswred questions….at least this UB was 100% more likeable than last weeks UB.

What caught my attention was a statement by one of the franchisees that Time is Money. The segment was installing some electrical outlets….and not cleaning up after the installation. The UB showed dissatisfaction not only with the owner not taking the time to clean up….and also that he apparently didn’t comply with the Dwyer standards (Why was he even a franchisee?)

Certainly time is money….yet money is in the details. In this case taking a few seconds to clean up….means attention to detail and repeat business. 


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