Pay Attention

Hoby Thrasher

Hoby Thrasher is not a well-known name except in west Michigan restaurant circles. Hoby operates several successful restaurants in Muskegon, MI….a challenging market.

What makes his restaurants….The Hearthstone….Pints & Quarts….Verdonis successful is this:

“The success of restaurants is all the same,” said Thrasher, who also has a restaurant consulting business. “You see those that are thriving and those that aren’t. Those doing the best have owners that pay attention to the business.”

All restaurant, retail and hospitality businesses need ownership or management that provides a clean environment, has a friendly staff and offers a good product. Success is based on these common denominators, Thrasher said.

“No matter whether it’s a restaurant or you’re selling shoes, it’s all the same,” he said.

Good businesses are good most anywhere….where there is  execution of solid business principles.


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