News Roundup

February 2012

+ What’s in a your name? Your name equals your brand. Your name is your credibility….don’t misuse it.

+ Allen Webber – www.rulesofthumb.blogspo – “In the end, all economics is local. And that means it’s up to the people at the local level to articulate their own economic strategy, and then create their own economic future.”

+ Home Depot has improved significantly over the past two years from interactions with associates to stock and merchandising (Lowe’s also). CEO interview –

+ Restaurant Impossible – not really a fan….but interesting to watch the business process taking place. A quick glance shows a business in debt….mediocre product….poor management.

+ Customer –  Lowe’s rebranding efforts and focus on delivering a better customer experience seem to be paying off as the company ended the year with strong fourth-quarter sales and earnings.

+ Guarantee – “Customers want to know you’ve got their backs. We live in an age of immediate gratification and stout expectations. If they get your product in their hands or in their mouths (or wherever they’ll use it!), that product better be right. If it’s not, you better be committed to making it right. A strong guarantee need not be verbose. Check out JCPenney’s new guarantee: “Happy returns: any item, anytime, anywhere.” Beautiful brevity.”


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