Assembly Line – 1961

My summer job in 1961, was working on a refrigerator assembly line….driving four bolts to attach the compressor unit to the refrigerator box. This was down and dirty manufacturing in the 60’s. The Norge plant was much as depicted in the photo. An old plant constructed in the late 1930’s.

The MLive story:

gives some history on the Norge plant in Muskegon Hts. Norge like many other manufacturing industries began the move to lower cost areas and in Norge’s case….a modern….efficient plant. Norge no longer exists….like many other plants….bought by another company.

Businesses like Norge have a life cycle….either they reinvent themselves or they disappear. Manufacturing is still a vital part of Muskegon….just not low-cost manufacturing.

The take-a-away from stories like this is that change is going to take place. Businesses/organizations….whatever their size have to prepare for these changes.

The other part of the story….our family business opened in 1961….right in the midst of all this change taking place in an industrial town!! How would we have had to change?

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