Apple Store

Fixing the iPad

My new iPad was broke…after only two months! So off to the Apple store at the Mall in Raleigh. First….I made an appointment….on-line for 9:10 on Friday morning….always like to be first in line.

I checked in at the door….a young lady with an iPad directed me to the “genius” bar. Chris came out from the back room….introduced himself and asked what the problem was. After a quick explanation….it seemed to be a video software bug.  After plugging in my iPad to an Apple Mac….the diagnosis indicated that the software be reinstalled….about ten minutes to do that.

The iPad software was reinstalled (the latest version)….checked….and I was on my way by 9:25.

Reviews were only average for both Apple stores in the RDU area. My experience was fine….especially arriving for the first mornings appointment. Apple stores are very popular….and succesfull. At 9:30 there were 15-20 people already in the store and I would suspect the “genius” bar gets overwhelmed later in the day.

In my case….the iPad was fixed and Chris expertly solved the problem.


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