From Seth Godin:

The music business was perfect. Radio, record chains, Rolling Stone magazine, the senior prom, limited access to recording studios, the replaceable nature of the LP, the baby boomers… it all added up to a business that seemed perfect, one that could run for ever and ever.

The digital revolution destroyed this perfect business while enabling the seemingly impossible: easy access to the market by new musicians, a cosmic jukebox of just about every song ever recorded, music as a social connector…

If you are in love with the perfect, prepare to see it swept away. If you are able to dream of the impossible, it just might happen.

Often businesses/organizations fail to recognize the changes taking place around them. It’s easy to understand….the day-to-day stuff has to get done. Doors open….products shipped….services performed….bills to be paid.

The music business did all of those things and didn’t see the impact of the internet. Thinking about changes taking place takes time and thought….often in short supply. In our business….did we have time for that?….probably not….should we have made time….yes!

Being in business isn’t easy. The intangible (soft) parts are often more difficult than the tangible (hard). Yet, being in business gives the best opportunity for doing the impossible.

Soft is Hard (Tom Peters) 


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