It’s not what you sell it’s what you believe.

“If there is one principle that explains why some organizations — Apple, Southwest Airlines, USAA, Cirque du Soleil, the Marine Corps, Pixar — consistently and dramatically outperform their rivals, it is that every person in the organization, regardless of job title or function, understands what makes the organization tick and why what the organization does matters.”

William Taylor….the co-founder of Fast Company wrote this in:

This belief is what many leaders miss when it comes to the organization’s culture. This is the “soft” side of business that Tom Peters talks about….it’s the intangible.

I often think that we (in our family business) were moving in the right direction. In other businesses I worked with….not the case.

In the companies Taylor mentions:

  • USAA has that belief….founded by military officers and still led by former military officers.
  • Southwest Airlines….Herb Kelleher and Colleen Barrett crafted and continued the SWA belief.
  • USMC….I have been seen that at Cherry Point MCAS and Camp Lejeune MCB.
  • Apple….The uniquness of the Apple products that I have and used.

While these may be “old school” words they still apply – dedication and commitment to be better and different….to set one apart from the competition….that’s the belief.

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