Winston Churchill

Famous Words

Winston Churchill’s famous words from WW II….and also an important life….business lesson.

On this past Sundays’s Amazing Race….the last team took multiple attempts to perform the task….the task was especially difficult for one of the team members. During the attempts….there was always the question of giving up and leaving the race.

The interesting part of this Amazing Race episode was that the team didn’t give up. On the 12 th attempt they passed. Of course they were way behind the other teams. Yet, when they reached the finish point….they found out they were still in the race….this was a non-elimination pit stop. If they had quit….they would have certainly been eliminated.

They didn’t give up!

It’s not so easy in businesses/organizations to know when to move on. We don’t like to give up. If England had given up….the course of WW II would have been significantly different.

One lesson though….and Winston Churchill is of course the best example….if the right leaders and team are in place….

Never, never, never give up.


One thought on “Winston Churchill

  1. Never give up. Thanks for the message. It is applicable to so many aspects and moments in our lives. Persistence brings results.

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