Follow Through

Often Difficult

Execution is a vital part of business….as well as follow through. Yet the follow though element is often difficult.

Example 1: We stopped at a small garden nursery….inquiring about some landscape plants….it could be a nice order for the sole owner. Our name….address….phone number taken. Yet, no follow through from this small business. An owner that does everything is very busy….the issue is if one is unable to follow through….significant business can be lost. Not just one purchase….others after that.

Example 2: Perhaps extreme….on one of the home channels….a person had searched for several years finding the right house. The realtor commented they must have looked at over 250 homes for sale. Finally the buyer made a decision. In this case, the realtor followed through all these years to finally complete the sale. Most people would not have persisted for this length of time.

Did we follow through in our family business? Not as much as we should have. I suspect that 9 out of 10 follow throughs would have not resulted in a sale. Yet….only a phone call follow through would have resulted in that one extra sale. We should have had a better follow through system in place.


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