Doing OK

Chrysler reported 1st quarter earnings of $400+ million. That’s good for Chrysler as it was the one manufacture that seemed about ready to shut down a few years ago.

Up until now,  the Chrysler brand has performed poorly. That was not always the case. Our first new car was a 1964 Dodge Dart….bought for $2300….in Rialto, CA (just like the photo). Later we had a Dodge 440….well engineered….not too stylish.

The resurgence of Chrysler is attributed to an investment by Fiat….better management….and leadership by CEO Sergio Marchione.

Marchione said: “It took a fearless team to bring back such a remarkable result.”

A good lesson for any business/organization.

Of Note: Chrysler is bringing back the “Dart”….2013 model!


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