On-Line Business

From Marquette, MI

Marquette (pop. 21,355) is located in the Upper Peninsula of MI….perched on the shore of Lake Superior. A recent story on MLive:


about two local businesses that have a large internet presence.

QuickTrophy markets trophies….medals….plaques. www.quicktrohphy.com

Getz’s sells outdoor clothing and is one of the largest Carhatt dealers in the US. www.getzs.com

While they both have retail locations in Marquette….their on-line sales are what keeps both businesses growing. A good business doesn’t have to be in Silicon Valley….Austin….oe even Raleigh. If a business/organization does something better/different….it can be anywhere.


Dick (& Annie)

I’ve written in the past about the greeters (Dick and Annie) at our local Krogers.

Dick and Annie are outgoing folks….and that’s what makes this Kroger different. Our Kroger store is average….it’s too small and needs another rehab….yet on the days Dick and Annie are there….it’s different.

Their outgoing personalities filter down to the other associates (not all but enough to dedect).

The secret to any people-centered business is the ability to be guest centric. And by having emploees that work together to accomplish the task and have a positive outlook….makes for a better customer experience.

Why the illustration? Dick was in the insurance industry….that should say it all!

Blu Homes

Precision Built

Building houses hasn’t changed much in the past 40 years. While there have been prefabs and modular….the usual method is to build on-site.

Blu Homes is an architect/manufacturer that features precision-built homes….manufactured in a controlled factory environment. Building homes this manner seems to be a better way….expertley engineered….consistent manufacturing….controlled quality.

While this form of construction may have a limited market….it has a selective market….and it is a better way to build homes.



Good not Excellent

Ratings….reputations often are subjective. On a recent visit to an icon business in Raleigh (restaurant)….the impression after the event was….overrated.

The food was prepared well….service attentive….ambience OK. It wasn’t that this business did anything wrong and didn’t satisfy the customer.

At least from my perspective….it wasn’t excellent. It did not provide the value relevant to its reputation.

Excellence in every aspect is the mark of a great business.


Iron Foundry

Foundrys are the core of manufacturing….out of basic raw materials….iron castings are made for multiple end products.

Foundrys in the past were dirty….smelly plants. I can remember Lakey  and Campbell, Wyant, Cannon growing up in the 50’s. Today these plants are much cleaner….modern….efficient.

A recent story about Waupaca Foundry highlighted the continued importance of  the iron foundry industry.


I had a consulting project in Waupaca….a nce small town central Wisconsin. I don’t remember the plant….yet it’s a reminder of the importance of these types of industries in our economy. Especially in the midwest which continues to be the center of US manufacturing.



Add Value

“Become the best in the world at something that people value. Easier said than done, worth more than you might think.” – Seth Godin

Adding value is what differentiates one business/organization from the other. It can be the product….service….customer care that people value. Of course it should be all three.

On a recent outing….at the checkout counter….no charge….it’s Mothers Day. This was the added value that would encourage customers to return. A small effort….yet great value!