Gallup publishes a survey of: What the Best Organizations Do Differently

Here is what  award-winning companies do differently to create great workplaces:

  • Managers and individuals are accountable for making engagement a part of everyday work,
  • Leaders set a positive example for the rest of the organization by helping their teams thrive.
  • There are unique coaching and training opportunities for both top- and bottom-performing managers.
  • Mission and purpose clear throughout the organization to connect the front-line workers with the organization.
  • They identify key business issues and desired outcomes at the start of every initiative.

For many organizations, a certain culture creeps in….and it becomes difficult to make significant changes. The recent example being….high risk and high loses in investment bank trades.

It takes strong leadership to shape an organization and then to have that mindset work its way through-out the business. Yet those organizations that have exceptional leadership are the ones that consistently are the best. In the past I did some consulting at Herman-Miller. Max DePree made Herman-Miller what it is today.

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