The Big Picture

The Zite news magazine (iPad App) refreshes continuously….and that is the problem….there is an ongoing flow of information. It is very easy to get fixated on all of this data/news and lose sight of a businesses/organization’s – Big Picture.

Focus on what’s important….a great idea….yet often hard to put into practice. Even years ago in the family business….it was difficult at times to stay focused. We had to read The Wall Street Journal…. Furniture Today….everyday!

One solution  is to put filters in place….read this….don’t read that. We operate in an information overload time….always waitng for the next “Breaking News”.  Focus on what is important for your business….look at the “Big Picture” and learn to skip the rest.



Allan Webber wrote:

Companies, organizations, all kinds of institutions know themselves to be profoundly important–even essential–to everyday life. But the problem is, they’re just not relevant to us, the people who are living that everyday life.

Webber outlines three steps to achieve relevance and ends the post with:

Three steps to relevance, but they all start with one giant leap: into marketing.

Good stuff from Allan Webber –