Pilot / Leader

Natural or Learned

Great pilots for the most part are natural-born pilots….great leaders have innate leadership traits.

The never-ending question….is it possible to train great pilots….and great leaders?

When learning to fly….I had some basic plot skills….hand-eye coordination….peripheal vision. I don’t think I was a natural-born pilot….though I did become proficient at flying the airplane (and got my Private Pilot license). Could I have become a very good pilot….sure with more training and more flying hours.

The same holds true for leaders….I’ m a pretty good leader. Yet, over the years we can become better leaders….exploring  new leadership skills….developing teams….achieving attainable and common goals….collaborating where 1+1 = not 2, but 3….4….5 and beyond.

While there are natural-born pilots and leaders….great piloting….great leadership can also be learned.

Blue Economy

Fresh Water Research

This was good news for Muskegon. While economic challenges exist as businesses have to change to a global economy….it seems like Muskegon takes much longer to rebound than Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo.

The article speaks of a substantial contribution to a fresh water research center and that is what makes it important to Muskegon….with an abundance of fresh water and the only deep water port on in western Michigan.


Muskegon will have a viable economy when it has a healthy balance of manufacturing…..tourism….natural resources….and updated infrastructure.

A Real Hardware Store

Since 1933

I was reading an article in Popular Mechanics about 7 Corners Hardware in St. Paul, MN. 7 Corners is a true hardware store….173 different types of files….over 1000 hammers….4300 plumbing items in stock.

I suspect that the sales folks are quite knowledgeable about the products and in general on how to fix anything. Every town needs a hardware store like 7 Corners….sometimes ACE….Lowe’s….Home Depot don’t fit the bill.




Union Square Hospitality Group

The Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) operates nine restaurants in New York City….in addition to various Shake Shack locations . USHG is overseen by Danny Meyer and has annual sales of $120 million.

Everyone supports each other–the GM takes care of managers, the managers take care of the staff, and therefore the staff has no worries except to take care of the guests.”

There is always the question: customers or employees.

The answer is also the same….as it is for Southwest Airlines….take care of the staff.


Note: From Danny Meyer….solid reviews


Keep it Interesting

We lose interest quickly….it is always on to the next new idea….new post….new website.

After following several folks over the past few years….their ideas have become routine….nothing new. The same is true for businesses/organizations….let’s keep it the same.

As mentioned in the past….we rearranged our displays all the time…. the customer didn’t notice of course….yet by refreshing the floor it keep it interesting for us. And if it was interesting for us….it made us better in helping (selling) the customer.

Note: Perhaps it time to refresh the blog!

Rudy’s Barbershops

We Cut Heads

How different can barber shops be? Quite different if Rudy’s is an example.

I’m again!….continually amazed how unusual businesses can be. Rudy’s a barbershop….for sure a place to cut heads….yet somthing completely….unique.

Started in Seattle, WA and with several other locations….each Rudy’s is distinct….and creates an other -than -ordinary experience. What Rudy’s illustrates is that even a barbershop can do things differently.



Leadership Fallout

Duke – Progress Energy


In the past few days there has been a leadership fallout in the merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy. The CEO of Progress Energy (who was well-regarded) left the combined company immediately after the merger was approved.

The CEO of Duke (who is not well-regarded) assumed the role of CEO.

According to the news reports, The North Carolina Utilities Commission was led to believe that the Progress guy would be the CEO. Will the commission revisit their approval….they can according to the regulatory rules.

The real issue is what kind of leadership is needed to lead one of the biggest utilities in the country