Pilot / Leader

Natural or Learned

Great pilots for the most part are natural-born pilots….great leaders have innate leadership traits.

The never-ending question….is it possible to train great pilots….and great leaders?

When learning to fly….I had some basic plot skills….hand-eye coordination….peripheal vision. I don’t think I was a natural-born pilot….though I did become proficient at flying the airplane (and got my Private Pilot license). Could I have become a very good pilot….sure with more training and more flying hours.

The same holds true for leaders….I’ m a pretty good leader. Yet, over the years we can become better leaders….exploring  new leadership skills….developing teams….achieving attainable and common goals….collaborating where 1+1 = not 2, but 3….4….5 and beyond.

While there are natural-born pilots and leaders….great piloting….great leadership can also be learned.

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