From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

A new Internet startup – Wantable.co….customized cosmetics.


Cosmetics is a huge industry….the cosmetics department is front and center in every large department store….and very profitable.

Wantable is an e-commerce company that will develop style profiles for women, and then present them with cosmetic packages tailored to their look.

A customer  fills out a survey about her preferences and, based on the responses, is put into a style category such as “Rock Rebel” or “Top Trend Setter.” She is then offered a customized box containing seven full-size cosmetic products for $40.

The founder has a good track record in e-commerce….will it become another multi-million dollar comapny?….remains to be seen. The article indicates a Facebook entry point….which may or may not work.

The real story – entrepreneurs create businesses.

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