Business Today

Start with Ideas

Being in business is a great challenge….yet also with great rewards.

We grew our family business during some uncertain economic times….and in a very competitive environment. We had good business acumen….with stong people skills….absolutely necessary in the retail business.

If in 1978….we were to grow even further….we needed new ideas to carry the business on to the next level and become a major competitor in the marketplace.

We needed to strengthen the foundation of the business in order for the business to grow and expand.

How to do that? With new ideas. To due that….I would have studied these folks and executed their ideas into the building blocks of our business. Starting with:

  • Tom Peters –  “Search for Excellence”  
  • Oren Harari – “Leapfrogging the Competition”
  • Jim Collins – “Good to Great”
  • Peter Drucker – “The Practice of Management”

Of course none of these authors….except Peter Drucker….were published in the early 70’s. Yet….with 20/20 hindsight this is where I would start to build a great business.


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