“How fabulously cool. Bagger local Hannaford’s just finished #3 state bagging championship. Practiced 2 months. Determined #1 next year!!” –Tom Peters

My first “real job”….bagging groceries at Plumbs in Glenside (Muskegon, MI). The first thing said: “Bag a square bag.” Do it right. And after bagging, deliver the bags to the customer’s car….no problem except in winter when one had to drag the bag cart through 4 inches of slushy snow in the parking lot.

I don’t believe anyone at our local grocery¬†stores have had “bag training”. Of course with plastic bags it’s throw three or four items in and plop the bags into the shopping cart. Unfortunately throwing in carries over to the paper bags.

The photo shows a perfect square bag pack. Cans on the bottom….boxes in the middle….lighter stuff on top. Very simple.

The real lesson is that the idea of packing a square bag was an invaluable lesson of doing the job right. While it may be old-school….it’s still new-school today.


One thought on “Bagger

  1. Pretty cool. I mostly get overstuffed plastic bags or the bagger places the sliced bread at the bottom of the paper bag with cans on top…. you know it happens a lot.

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