Flawless, faultless

The N&O Food Critic recently reviewed a restautant….and gave it a 5- star rating. Seldom do Raleigh-Durhan restaurants receive this stellar review (the last one was in 2009).

What stood out even more was the description of service: Impeccable. The review indicated that the service (impeccable) completed the total picture of success and subsequently the 5-star award.

What if business/organizations set that same standard – impeccable service….memorable  experience? Any enterprise that uses impeccable as its measurement of service certainly deserves a 5-star report.

Getting to that point almost always requires a change in culture. I would like to think that in our businesses we always were seeking that standard. Did we reach it?….unfortunately not all the time….yet we were always working to get there.

The restaurant:

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