Deep Water

Trans Ocean Shipping


I have mentioned in the past about Muskegon’s econnomy….a recent article in Detroit’s Crain Business highlighted the potential of trans-ocean shipping in some way returning to Muskegon.

The ship above is transporting wind tower components for a power project  in central Michigan….Muskegon being the ideal port to off-load. This particular shipment was from South Korea!

After the St. Lawrence Seaway opened….Muskegon did have considerable overseas shipping….some years 60+ deep water ships arrived in the Muskegon harbor. As I remember,  some of the largest shipment were bowling alleys to Japan. Muskegon at that time the home of Brunswick Bowling….alleys….balls….pins. Brunswick still remains in Muskegon with the automatic pin setter division.

Containerization resulted in the decline of general cargo shipping….though salt water ships continue to venture into the Great Lakes….at least some of the days of salties returning to Muskegon may lie in the future.


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