Seeking the Best

A recent story spoke about the wine industry in Argentina. One producer realized that Argentina could craft  wines comparable to those of Napa Valley, CA.

The wineries reasoned  that only quality wines could compete worldwide….and began the process of growing a grape variety that would make a quality wine.  Building on  the Malbec grape….a wine was produced that earned high points in quality and helped Argentine wines compete in the world marketplace.

Yet quality can be elusive….a Toyota….Honda….or Chevrolet can be a quality product. Are they any better or worse than an Audi….BMW….or Lexus?

We sold quality products at a mid-market price. Baker Furniture (the very high-end manufacturer) sold quality products at a much higher price point.

So quality doesn’t depend only on price. As long as a business makes or sells a quality product….it’s the foundation a successful enterprise.

The key is being the best at whatever you do. That was our business model….and it served us well.


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