Cary U.S. Post Office

Cary, NC is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live….and that is the reason we live here. The roads are fairly well maintained….there is a strong sign ordinance which eliminates a lot of visual clutter….and most commercial properties are properly cared for.

Except for the main U.S. Post Office.

The Cary post office probably could be ranked as one of the shabbiest. The U.S. Postal Service loses great sums of money….so maintainance most likely is at the bottom of the list. Either the Cary post office does not have any funds for maintenance or the building is leased and the owner doesn’t see any value in building appearance or upkeep.

A business’s appearance reflects on the quality of its product/services….perhaps this is a partial reason the Postal Service loses money or at least doesn’t remain competitive in todays email….FedEx world.

We kept our facilities spotlessly clean and neat….after all who would want to spend their money at a shabby business.


Shabby appearance=Shabby business