Great Design

Impress Coffee Maker

Tom Peter’s speaks often on design. He would be impressed by this design by a Raleigh design firm. A new version of a coffee press. By some standards….a coffee press is the ideal method for brewing coffee.

Here is a traditional version….while a dedicated coffee drinker….I don’t use the French Press (though I have one). It’s a little awkward to use and often grounds are present in the coffee.

The Impress Coffee Maker is easier to use according to the designers….and it’s a cleaner design. The developement was funded through an innovative program in the area to secure grass-roots investments. The program was success and the project completely funded. With a planned retail price of about $40….the Impress Coffee Maker looks like a great winner….of course the market (and coffee brewing) will be the real test.

A very nice design. Could it be made in the U.S. …rather than outsourced? I would think that it could be produced domestically….for better manufacturing control and much quicker delivery.