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Foolproof Cooking

The past few years I have ventured into cooking….mostly because of watching cooking shows while on the treadmill. One of the more prominent is those of Ina Garten.

Ms. Garten is interesting to watch and is the last of the “real cooks” (that is she cooks without the hype of tv cooking).

So from a business perspective what does this mean….from today’s N&O:

“She doesn’t tramp around the world eating bizarre things, she doesn’t race around in competitions. She just cooks-and makes you want to cook. Her recipes are sophisticated enough to feel stylish, but simple that anyone can make them.” (“Barefoot Contessa Foolproof”)

In otherwords….Ina Gartten does the Basics and does them right. Good businesses/organizations do the Basics….right.


Toyota of Apex

I had to vist our local Toyota dealership recently. The dealership is new and impressive….from the number of vehicles in the lot….to the showroom….and well-appointed waiting areas.

The associates were in company attire and at least in my encounter….professional. Toyota of Apex is part of the Hendrick automobile group….so it could be expected to be first class.

Not having been in a new car dealership in years….Toyota of Apex is a far cry from our days of new car purchases.

Toyota of