News Roundup

November 2012

+The best measurement of customer support is whether, after the interaction, the customer would recommend you to a friend. Time on the line, refunds given or the facts of the case are irrelevant. The feelings are all that matter, and changing feelings takes humanity and connection, not cash. – Seth Godin

+ From Springwise: DeerDeter -a device to prevent deer/auto collisions.

+ Leadership Failure: Lack of morals & ethics –¬†Army Generals….Brigader General….Nominated CEO of Lockheed-Martin. No common sense.

+ SAS – Cary, NC: Best multinational company place to work –

+ “The Baldridges did what they did, becasuse they were quality” – From The Global Province 11,14,12. Define your business/organization as quality.

+ Season note: Why do some businesses depend on the Christmas season to survive? – Best Buy, JC Pennys