From Seth Godin

It might work now and then (kindling), but it’s not a dependable and scalable way to grow your business. You need significant logs, things that keep the system working without a constant stream of promotion. A few:

  • a remarkable product that users enjoy talking about
  • a product with virality¬†built in–something that works better when my friends use it too
  • a community orientation, so that each new user enhances the value of the community, creating a virtuous cycle
  • economies of scale in both production and marketing. As you grow, things get both cheaper and easier to talk about

What Seth is speaking to (above) are quick fixes to get products/businesses/organizations moving forward. Quick fixes are like kindling wood….they get the fire started. What grows a business are the logs….which are longer lasting and sustainable.

This is the subtle part of any enterprise that is often negelected….the day-to-day stuff is what gets most of the attention. Don’t miss the bigger picture.