The Customer

The customer is the appreciating asset. – Federal Express

Shake hand  of two 3d stylized people of green color

I’ve written several times in the past regarding customers….the reason why businesses exist. An article in todays N & O illustrates that also.

The thought of the customer as an asset is a great concept. We always appreciated our customers….99% of the time. There were periods when we might have been less than enthusiastic….meeting customers six days a week is a well-developed skill. The challenge for our business was that we sold big-ticket items and for most people these were discretionary purchases. We were selling ourselves as much as selling the products.

The bottom line is that all business depends on customers….and if you are a good business you want those customers to be with you for a long period of time….a lifetime. If that’s the case than your customers have to become an appreciating asset.


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