Past Ideas – Part 1


Boof was our entrepreneurial idea among several from years ago. Along with a good friend….we had big plans for Boof. The main one being Boof Blocks. Boof Blocks were foam blocks with different images silk-screened on the sides. Kids like to play with large simple objects….while being light-weight and easy to handle.

We developed the character Boof….created silkscreens for the images….and searched for a foam manufacturer. Finding a foam source was the difficult part of the Boof project. We had the facilities to do the printing and distribution so that wasn’t an issue. We did find that semi-trailor loads were volume constrained rather than weight limited….of course the blocks weighed very little.

The next steps in our project were to expand the Boof character….like the shirt in the photo.

Boof never made it into production….yet it was a good leaning experience in product development and a lot of fun just in the fact that we did create Boof. 


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