Tack Strips

Past Ideals – Part 3

Carpet Tack Strip

Our family business was furniture and carpeting. The carpet business was in a growth period in the 60’s-70’s….well before hardwood floors became more fashionable.

We were looking for projects that could use our facilities after we retired from the active furniture and carpet business. One that we considered was manufacturing carpet tack strip. Tack strip is used by carpet installers to hold the carpet to the perimeter of a room. The strips are about 1.5 in. x 4 ft….with nails protruding to grab the carpet. The strips are necessary to allow the installer to stretch the  carpet to get a smooth appearance that retains its shape without buckling over time.

We had located a machine to make the strip….and had a distribution system in place….step 1. Step 2 was determining whether this was the best use for our facility and resources. Tack strips are pretty much generic and low margin products. While we were always on the lookout for new ideas….manufacturing tack strips didn’t make the list.


Tree Stand

Designed + Engineered + Marketed

MJS treestand 2 of hoffman.jpg treestand

From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/business/entrepreneur-stands-by-his-sturdy-christmas-tree-stand-8a830qd-184196501.html

Mr. Class certainly designed a stable….solid….heavy-duty Christmas Tree stand. The real issue is marketing to the right customer and finding a way to do that.

For some products….the Internet does the job. In the case of this sturdy tree stand….a upper-end catalog retailer would seem to be a path to follow. Two that might be a good fit: Lee Valley www.leevalley.com or Sport’s Preferred Living: www.sportys.com

Design and engineering can get a product to a certain point….marketing gets the product to the customer.