Marketing + Advertising

Display ads

It seems that businesses often don’t understand the differences between marketing and advertising….and even more important executing an advertising strategy. Marketing is the overall process of developing a business and/or brand….communicating it to customers….resulting in the sale and follow-up to that sale.

Advertising is the communication process either in print….radio….tv….social media….the Internet. In the past….the main form of communication for a retail business was print (newspapers) display ads….radio….and tv occasionally. We seldom used small display ads….most times it was 1/2 or 3/4 page ads.

News paper mistakesTodays market has changed….newspapers are becoming less and less effective.

Two recent examples of advertising mistakes:

1) A bike shop with 3 locations runs a 6 column inch ad buried along other small display ads with the headline “All parts and accessories are 10% off”. The ad is 1/2 gray with black type hard to read)….a little black (white type) and some white….packed with 16 lines of copy. Cost ~ $400+.

2) A higher-end furniture business with 2 locations runs a 10 column inch ad among other display ads. headline “Plan for the Holiday Sale. Three illustrations with “sale….sale” on left hand border. Cost ~ $700+.

If experience is any indication….both of these ads are thrown-together at the last moment….we need to put something in the paper….here it is….not really part of an overall marketing strategy. Advertising is a challenge for many businesses and expensive unless they have a clear idea of the market and how to get their brand communicated.


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