Common SenseBank

On Dec 24, I scampered around town trying to get some larger bills for Christmas gifts. Our credit union was closed….strange, as other financial institutions were open.

There are at least 6 banks on Kildaire Farm Rd…..all I wanted was to change $20 bills into $50’s. So I picked the first bank (a local bank) I came to….walked in….no customers other than myself….asked to exchange 20’s to 50’s. The reply – sorry can’t do it your are not a customer. It’s our policy….certainly not a policy to attract new customers.

Off to another bank…PNC….no policy about exchanging cash for cash. Of course, banks/businesses have policies….yet some can be trivial.

The end result….there are plenty of banks/credit unions to choose from….it’s a competitive business. Common sense ought to prevail over policy.


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