Accidental Business?

Common Sense



“Soon after we left, Utt-Grubb returned our calls. She says Carolina Farmhouse is an accidental business that started out of her and her husband’s garage. She said they have zero experience running a business and described the many delays as the growing pains of a small business.”

Creating….developing….managing a business is a challange….not everyone can do it. Most businesses certainly are not accidents. Common sense would seem to be – learn basic business skills before one starts a business. In the case of Carolina Farmhouse….the owners should have read The Accidental Entrepreneur before they ever thoght of being in business!

Several issues here:

  • Making furniture in a garage does not translate to making furniture on a larger scale….with consistent quality….and timely delivery.
  • No response to customers….means no respect for the customer.
  • Negative reviews….are extremely difficult, if ever, to overcome.
  • Nicely designed web site….does not mean a nicely managed business.
  • “Zero experience in running a business” means….no understanding of cash flow.
  • The NC Community Colleges Small Business Centers are a good and free resource….when used.
  • I suspect the folks who bought the items and had not received them were impressed with media articles and the company’s web site….however 50% down is just not prudent.

The end result: Complete lack of common sense.

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