Know Your Customer

Understand the Customer

We knew our products well….were good at business….yet did we really understand our customer? Understanding people/customers….is an intangible part of business….and one that we could have developed more fully.

“Understanding the values/beliefs of your customer and your audience is far more important than watching the instant replay of what actually happened.” – Seth Godin

While it may sound academic….we needed to know who our customers were and who our customers were not.

Our customer was not the Klingman’s (ultra high-end in Grand Rapids, MI) nor an Etan Allan customer. They were middle of the road….good quality….fair price customers. So we had to be selective in our buying so that we didn’t buy products that were not within their reach or even outside of their sense of style. They did expect excellent service.

While every sale was important….and often we analyzed why we didn’t make a sale….I would suspect that if we had understood our customers even better than we did….more sales efforts would have been successful.

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