News Round Up

January 2013


+ WordPress 2012 year in review: TrueNorth blog – 41,000 views – 161 countries mainly the U.S…..Canada….UK.

+ Good business indicator – Immaculate bathrooms.

+ Coming up – March 2013, first TrueNorth Post March 2008.

+ From Springwise – Safest Bike:

+ Visited Nordstroms – highly regarded for customer service – a positive experience in returning an item.

+ Seth Godin – “Your job (or an excellent business) is to surprise and delight and to change the agenda. Your job is to escalate, reset expectations and make us delighted that you are part of the team.Showing up is overrated. Necessary but not nearly sufficient.” Many businesses just show up.


One thought on “News Round Up

  1. The Bathroom indicator is a great concept. When we are on the road, sometime we stop at restaurant not for the food but because we know the bathrooms will be clean.

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