Risky Business

Worst Business

risk management

There are always lists….recently a list of the ten worst grocery stores. Though  the worst list can be of any kind….airlines….cell phone providers….automobiles….etc.

On the grocery store list was Food Lion….main office in NC and very prominent in our area. In fact, during the shopping center boom….it seems that every new center had a Food Lion.

Why is Food Lion or any business considered worst….more so, do companies intentionally position the business to be below average?

Seth Godin wrote:

Operating systems, government programs, established non-profits, teachers with tenure, market leaders, businesses with long-standing customers–these organizations are all facing an uphill battle in creating a culture where there’s an urgency to improve.

In the case of Food Lion: a recent TV ad stated they were improving quality and freshness (is that to imply that previous quality/freshness was inadequate?). The test of course, if there is actual  improvement or…. there is significant change in the Food Lion culture to not be on the ‘worst’ list.

It’s risky business to be on the “worst” list.