People = Strategy

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People - Strategy

Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people… bet on people, not on strategies – Larry Bossidy

From : Former P&G ex CEO 5-step guide to a winning strategy

What is winning?

If you aren’t trying to win, you’re just trying to participate,

Where am I going to play to win?

You can’t win the whole world or please everybody. Trying to be all things to all people is a recipe for failure.

How am I going to win where I play?

It’s deciding how to create unique value, and how the company can deliver it over a long period to create a superior return. 

What are my core competencies that are going to enable me to win?

In order to make the above decisions work, they have to be based on and supported by the things that a company’s best at. For P&G, it was innovating quickly and understanding consumers. 

What management systems and measures are going to help me execute?

Strategies have to be measured and executed by people.

The take-a-way:  For any strategy to work….a business/organization has to have the right people….everyone on the bus going in the same direction.