Chili’s Response


Many retail businesses have surveys printed on their receipts. They supposedly want feedback from their customers to improve their business or so it seems.

We often frequent Chili’s (’s) ….a causal chain that usually does a good job in this restaurant category….though the experience varies depending on the local manager.

On a recent outing to a Chili’s in Raleigh (one that we visited in the past)….there was one small detail that was not attended to….so I completed  that survey and the reason for my comment. Though not a major issue….it is the “attention to detail” that separates a good experience from a nice experience.

The survey also asked if I wanted a response and I said sure….does Chili’s really pay attention to the surveys that it is asking for? Unfortunately, no response from Chili’s.

The real issue: If a business asks a customer to complete their survey….indicates they will reply….and then doesn’t. Why even bother. Don’t take the customer for granted….follow through.


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