News Roundup

February 2013

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+ Chief of Staff 2013 Reading List Released: Gen. Mark Welsh, Air Force Chief of Staff, issued his 2013 reading list for airmen.

+ Home Depot turnaround: Notice the big difference. Can I help you and than take you to the right aisle.

+ Willing to change: Automobile fuel cells may surpass electric battery technology. Toyota MotorsĀ scaled back plans for its all-electric eQ minicar, saying it misread the market.

+ Too often, in the race to charge less, we deliver too little. And in the race to charge more, we forget what it is that people want. They want more. And better. – Seth Godin

+ The National Federation of Independent Businesses,Ā  has named Raleigh as the No. 2 best city to start a business.

+ Striving to get smarter, better and faster helps us create our future – Seth Godin