Survey Part 2

Chili’s Response


From the 02.25.13 Post – Survey.

I received a very nice letter from Chili’s:

  • “Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding our Housecreek Chili’s.”
  • “Please accept our sincere apologies for your unpleasant experience.” It wasn’t unpleasant….only a misstep in management.
  • “Guest feedback is vital to our success and your comments are important.”
  • ” As a thank you for your comments, we hope the enclosed will assist with your next visit, and allow us the opportunity to demonstrate a great dining experience.”

Now Chili’s isn’t fine dining….it fits in the casual dining category where one might visit more than once a month….repeat business. That’s their business model. So execution is important and paying attention to details invites customers to return often.

Chili’s gets good marks for taking their surveys seriously….as a suggestion perhaps an email immediate reply and than the detailed letter.