Design Problem-Part 2

Poor Design – Replacing a Light Bulb

Poor Design

As mentioned in the post (3.14.15)….we purchased our Whirlpool refrigerator in July 2010. Several months ago the freezer light (a nice feature) bulb went out. No problem just unscrew the bulb and replace it.

Unfortunately, the small 25w bulb would not turn in the fixture socket….with the light bulb being awkward  to reach. The light bulb is enclosed within a plastic housing with the bulb base to the front…(below)


It seemed the bulb was frozen and would not turn….if excessive force was used the bulb would break and the base remain in the socket. The manual was not helpful….simply “replace the bulb”. 

My very helpful friend was able to remove the housing, exposing the socket and connections, disconnecting the power we tried to loosen the light buld….still frozen….finally we applied  vegetable spray to the base of the bulb and it eventually worked loose.

The main issue: A Whirlpool refrigerator owner should not have to remove an assembly to replace a light bulb. Better design would make the bulb easier to replace. The replacement of a simple light bulb would have a been a costly service call….if not for a handy friend. Whirlpool should do better….this is poor design.

Note: The local hardware store did not have a 25w appliance bulb….another problem? No, Lowe’s had a 15W bulb which works just fine.