First Jobs – Part 1

Beginning Work

First Job

Work, at least in the 50’s & 60’s, was something to look forward to. The money earned bought a new (or slightly used bike or eventually one’s first automobile).

In Muskegon Hts., Michigan….first jobs were usually:

ReelMowerIllustrationDIYCutting grass with a push reel mower for a $1 or so. It was a great start in learning the work ethic. I had several customers in our old neighborhood….and after our moved to Glenside….rode a bike (5 miles-one way) to continue cutting lawns. 


Chronicle Paper boy Another first job was as The Chronicle paper boy. This was probably every youngsters dream job….it required discipline….to pick up the paper every day….triple fold the paper….pack the bag….deliver the papers. And collect the subscription money every Saturday. Though not a route boy….I was the regular sub for the Hts. downtown route.

In small town America….these were the places where one learned the benefits of work. Cutting grass….delevering papers that’s where it all began.


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