First Jobs – Part 2

A Real Pay Check

First Job

My first real pay check job was at Plumb’s Super Market on Sherman Blvd in plumbsMuskegon…..Plumb’s is still there….a local super market that competes with Meijer’s and Wal-Mart. In past posts (7.20.10), I’ve written about the best lesson learned at Plumb’s….pack a square bag!!

BoeingThe first job out of college was at The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA. Entering the aerospace industry was very exciting in 1962. Boeing did everything….missiles….aircraft. The number of people at Boeing during this period was over 100,000….arriving from all over the US.

My workplace was in an old WW ll warehouse with desks lined up wall-to-wall….each little department consisting of 6-8 desks. My job as a production planner-carry a missile instrumentation box from manufacturing to quality control and customer acceptance.

After a few months, the realization set in that working at Boeing wasn’t going to pan out….so make the change quickly….and reinstate the request for Air Force OTS. A much better decision.


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