News Roundup

March 2013

art Deco Radio

+ Seth Godin – The worst sort of feedback is no feedback at all.

+ From 03.03.13 post – No Reply: Call to Weimans and contact with customer service. The key issue – fix their web site so that they recive email comments. Received replacement product on 3.27.13 with handwritten note….Weiman’s gets a B – for service. 

+ Tom Peters: 3 axioms encapsulate my last 30 years: 

  • Excellence is not an “aspiration.” Excellence is the next five minutes. Or not.
  • WTTMSW/Whoever Tries The Most Stuff Wins.
  • Hard is soft, soft is hard

+ Seth Godin-What matters now (in a connected world):

  • Trust
  • Permission
  • Remarkability
  • Leadership
  • Stories that spread
  • Humanity: connection, compassion, and humility

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